Friday, June 10, 2011

Tips untuk Deadlift.

Asics Onitsuka Tiger
Kalau gym korang lebih banyak machine daripada freeweight,  kebarangkalian untuk korang jadi  super strong adalah        (-124.7%)


  1. I agree with all the tips given, tapi #2 and #6 tu ada sedikit pengecualian.

    Tip #2: The deadlift is the easiest lift to overtrain. For beginners, memang boleh train selalu tapi for intermediates and above, I think seminggu sekali would be better. Lebih dari tu, u risk overtraining, especially when u're starting to deadlift heavy.

    Tip #6: Hmm.. yang ni I tak sure 'berkhasiat' ke tak untuk tolong memantapkan deadlift. I think doing squats has a much better carry over value towards the deadlift than unilateral stuff like lunges etc...

    Just my 2 sen :)

  2. @Aizan: Yup, Deadlift when you reached 400-500lbs for men, and 200-300lbs for women, it can be taxing to the nervous system. But how many times you see that kind of poundage being thrown around the gym? Hardly. So i want to see that kind of poundage in the gym, man and women alike hahaha. But the reason i put that tip#2, not many people do deadlift consistently, and thats sad. So if you hit deadlift once a week, you will be strong.

    For tip#6, i dont want to be too technical in the article but now i have to :)

    Single-leg movements force us to activate the lateral sub-system, which consists of the adductor complex, glute medius, as well as the quadtratus lumborum on the contra-lateral leg.

    From low-back and knee health perspectives, this is huge since in a two-legged stance these muscles aren't necessarily "activated." However, in a single-leg stance, this same system of muscles is forced to "fire," which then work to stabilize the hip and knee joint.

    hope that explanation helps.. :)

  3. leh tunjukkn x form deadlift yg betul

  4. IMO, the best way to teach someone how to deadlift is to tell them that the hips are the 'prime movers' (same goes with the low-bar squat). They will remember it for life.