Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bila Exercise, Makin Senang Bukan Bermakna Bagus

ini lah akibatnya banyak sangat buat pressing, tapi kurang buat rowing

half squat
no matter how hard core you want to be seen, if you are using a smith machine for squat, fohgetaboutit.


  1. Like Coach Rippetoe said: You can leg press, but that's gay.

  2. saya tak faham dengan gambar no 5 tu.. banyak buat pressing dari rowing?? maksudnye?

  3. “The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in competition” (Tito Ortiz)

  4. oh picture 5 is because the chest is overpowering the back muscles causing the body to arch inwards

  5. smith machines are harder on the patellar ligament and the anterior cruciate ligament, which important ligaments to ensure the stability of the knee joint. and if you find running on the treadmill is too easy, move on to HIIT programme or Tabata protocol.. adaptation rarely occurs because as u get better, you tend to push harder.. and by the end of it if you are not breathing your lungs out, you are not doing it right

  6. @Aizan: Yes! right on.

    @test: muscle yang kuat akan contract. muscle yang lemah, akan mengendur. Jadi kalau pressing muscle macam chest lagi kuat dari rowing muscle iaitu back muscle, maka jadilah seperti gambar tu. kalau korang tak percaya, tengoklah di gym gym korang.

    @koli: Thats what im trying to get across to all this gym rat..but no, still doing the smith machine.