Thursday, August 20, 2009

What is Personal Training?

What is Personal Training?
Personal Training is personalise training programme for the trainee. Personal Trainer is a person who helps people exercise. Simple huh? Not so fast. It goes deeper than that. Personal Trainer help their client to achieved their client's goal faster, a motivator, a counselor and a friend. They pick you up when you are down, and say one more round!

What result do you expect from personal training?
Create a personalise programme to fit your schedule and goal. Learn how to turn your body into 'fat burning machine'. Burn off the fat and keep it off for life. Find out how to get maximum result out of the least amount of time. Be in better shape regardless your age. Get the motivation and inspiration you need to stick with your programme.

My Approach
The goal of my personal training program is to maximise result in a shortest possible time. I don't teach you how to use a particular machines, but teach you how to exercise properly to achieve goals, rehabilitate injuries, and prevent future injuries.

How to hire me?
Please contact me at this address or +6017-3100742 for further information.

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